Information on assessment in A levels and BTECs from 2017

The government has reformed A levels which have moved from a modular format of assessment to a linear format. By September 2017, all A levels will be reformed and will be assessed in a linear format.

A level assessment

Linear A levels are two year courses in which all the exams take place at the end of two years. There is no longer a modular component where the AS level outcome, assessed after the first year, contributes to the overall A level. Any coursework assessment in A levels will take place during the two year programme. There will be no in-year re-sit opportunities in linear A levels. However, students taking linear A levels will take internal mock exams to prepare them for end of programme assessment.

AS level assessment

AS level qualifications are stand-alone qualifications which are one year in duration. Students who intend to follow a full A level qualification will not complete an AS level qualification as the outcomes from this no longer contribute towards the full A level. Therefore, at Godalming College, AS level qualifications are taught in discreet groups who are working towards that specific qualification.

BTEC Assessment

Assessment in BTEC will consist of a mixture of coursework and exams. 

BTECs at Godalming from 2017 will be as follows:- Applied Science, Business, Dance, Hospitality and Event Management, Information Technology, Media, Music Technology, Performing Arts, Sport, Travel and Tourism.