Entry requirements and choosing the right courses

After we receive your application you will be invited to a Course Advice Session to discuss your initial ideas about the study programme you would like to follow. Your final decisions will be made when you enrol at the College, after you have received your GCSE results. Whatever your results, and wherever you are in the application process you can always talk to us about your options.

Students with excellent GCSEs: Nearly all 9-6 grades or A*- B with many at 9-7 or A*- A grades and with an average over all GCSE score of grade 7 or A  4 A levels or equivalent taken across two years
Students with good GCSEs: Eight or more GCSE passes at 9-5 or A*-C grades with an average GCSE score of at least 5-6 or C-B grade based on best eight entries 3 A levels or equivalent programme studied over two years plus a one year course which could be AS level or BTEC
Students with satisfactory GCSEs: 5-6 grades above 4 or C with an average overall GCSE score of around a 4-5 or C grade based on best eight entries 3 A levels or BTEC equivalent studies taken over two years plus a one year course which may be a GCSE re-take or a financial studie or research skills qualification
Students without 5 grades at 4-5: with an average overall GCSE grade of 3 or D based on best eight entries with at least two grade 4s or Cs Two Level 2 programmes are available a) Access to Level 3, and b) Access to Employment - in which GCSEs and BTEC courses can be combined to get students on track

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