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What is a learning programme?

Our aim as a College is to provide you with a broad and varied programme of study and activity which extends your intellectual horizons, develops your skills and awareness, builds your confidence as a person and provides you with specialist knowledge to help you to access university or the world of work. A learning programme is all the formal activities that you take at the College as follows:

1 Two year courses
A levels, BTECs, Cambridge Technical or Pre U
2 One year courses One year courses Stand-alone AS levels, GCSEs or other formal qualifications to broaden your education which are taken alongside your two-year courses
3.  Shaping Futures In tutorial time - lectures, classes, or one-off events covering things like, life skills, study skills, careers preparation, citizenship
4.   Enrichment Extra-curricular activities such as sport, drama, music, and dance plus D of E, community and charity work, many clubs and societies

Generally speaking all the A levels described in the prospectus will also be available as stand-alone AS levels and can be studied as 'one year' courses. At your Course Advice Session we will ask you to narrow down your course choices to three subjects that you want to study over two years and one subject that you would like to study for one year. Don't worry if you don't know what you want to do yet - your choices can be changed up to and including enrolment.