The College has a WisePay » system that allows students to pay for their educational trips, exam re-sits, tickets to college events and to use as a cashless catering card in the College's food outlets. This service is provided by Wisepay.

Please read the instructions page carefully before trying to login to the WisePay website.

Parents wishing to make a payment on behalf of a student should ask their son or daughter to follow the instructions below and to log in so that a payment can be made. Please note that the Wisepay username and password are not the same as a College network username and password. Your WisePay username is your College email address. Students who have never used the system before should follow the instructions below to find out their WisePay password.


How to find out your WisePay Password: 

  • First click the WisePay » link.
  • In the Username box on the WisePay screen, input the student's Godalming email address, eg.
  • Select “Forgotten Password”.
  • This will then send an email to student's College email account, giving a password to allow you to log into the WisePay system.

 How to log in to WisePay to make a Payment:

  • Click on the WisePay » link.
  • In the Log In box on the WisePay screen and enter your student's College email address as your username.
  • Enter the password that you requested by email (following the instructions above).
    Hint - it may be easier to copy and paste the password from the email to the password box.
  • Once you have logged in select the item you wish to pay for. Some items will not be visible until you have logged in.

To Change your WisePay Password: First login to the WisePay system and then click “Change Your Password”.

If you need any further help, please email

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