Drama student


"I had always known that I would rather attend a college than my school’s sixth form, as I have always thought that it is an important stepping stone between school and University. I was absolutely right. Coming to Godalming College has given me the independence, both as a student and as a person, to step outside my comfort zone and grow positively as a person. The college provides a supportive environment in which to do so, teaching you the skills to flourish in a university or work based environment. 

I chose to study Art, English Literature and World Development. The staff on all these courses have been incredibly supportive in helping me to achieve my best possible grade, and have made classes interesting. 

However, there is more to Godalming College than just
the classes. A range of clubs and opportunities are available to students from day one. Despite my choice not to take music at A-level, I was able to pursue my musical interests through orchestra. I also took the opportunity to volunteer at Meath Epilepsy Home during furniture upcycling workshops. It is opportunities like these that make Godalming special- they promote not only academic growth, but take an interest in your journey to becoming a well-rounded individual.

Following my time at Godalming, I have decided to take a career in Horology, or watchmaking. I am excited to move on to a fascinating subject field, and looking forward to moving to University in Birmingham. Coming to Godalming College has given me the confidence to try a completely new course, and given me the trust in my decisions to know that I am making the right choice for me."