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Putting together a
level 2 learning programme:
A-Level and BTEC Courses
This programme is for students who don’t meet the 5 GCSEs at grade A*-C or 4s or above criteria and need to improve their GCSE grades. It’s a programme which enables you to re-take GCSEs
or take alternative level 2 quali cations over one year, which are better suited to your learning needs.
There are two alternative Access routes which are:
a) Access to Level 3 to gain extra quali cations in order to qualify for studying on a Level 3 programme of A levels and BTEC courses the following year. Students will need at least two GCSEs at grade C or 4 to qualify for this programme and an average of D or grade 3 at GCSE overall.
Key elements
• The Access to Level 3 route will usually require students to take a learning programme containing 4 or 5 core subjects with a mixture of GCSEs and BTEC quali cations at level 2.
• The Access to Employment route will involve fewer core subjects but include work experience and an employability quali cation as key components.
b) Access to Employment to improve quali cations, skills and con dence to access better employment opportunities. Students will need at least three GCSEs at grade D or 3 or above to qualify for this programme.
• All students who have not achieved at least a grade 4 in English and Maths GCSEs will have to retake these subjects or take courses working towards retaking these subjects.
• Appropriate learning support and careers guidance will be provided.
Here is an example of a typical Access to Level 3 programme:
Here is an example of a typical Access to Employment programme:
Many students who take our Access Level 2 programmes at the College are successful in getting back on track and go on to take either Level 3 quali cations or  nd meaningful employment.
Element 1
Element 2
Element 3
Element 4
Element 5
Sport BTEC First Award
GCSE Maths
GCSE Leisure and Tourism
GCSE Science
Element 1
Element 2
Element 3
Element 4
Element 5
GCSE Use of Maths
GCSE English
Employability Skills quali cation
Work experience

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