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Godalming College is a fantastic place to study, with dedicated teaching and top class facilities. Students have access to exceptional resources, through which they can excel academically, vocationally, in sports or in the creative arts. There is something for everyone at Godalming College and
it is perhaps this which makes Godalming such a diverse, interesting and talented community of young people.
This success, in my view, derives from students being involved in college decision making: your views are cherished and your wishes implemented on a day to day basis; the new social study area, lunch menu and football tables demonstrate how college adapts to its students, depending upon what you wish it to provide. No other comparable place of further education can treat you as a mature adult, providing a welcome transition from the disciplined nature of school to the more relaxed and open atmosphere of a mini-university. It is this mature atmosphere and independent approach that makes Godalming so special. Godalming College allows students to rede ne themselves into the adult they wish to become, and prepares them for the challenges of University and adult life.
In this supportive atmosphere, the Student Union can be seen as a vital conduit between students and staff, ensuring that decisions – which have recently involved student parking and catering for instance – are always made with the students’ views in mind. Student Union has made reforms to many areas of college life, such as introducing a salad bar and healthier snacks. Godalming College has also supported charities such as the British Heart Foundation, and taken part in National No Smoking Day, raising awareness of the dangers of smoking, however also including issues such as the cost of smoking, which is shockingly high.
At the beginning of the year, the SU organises a Freshers’ Ball, Rag Week and numerous other social events to ensure that every new student enjoys a smooth transition into the lively, friendly and supportive atmosphere we have at college. Last October, Guildford Casino hosted “Freshers” and the Rag Week raised thousands of pounds which was donated
to charities like the Guildford Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre, Woking & Sam Beare Hospices, the Children’s Society, the Alzheimer’s Society and Syrian refugees.
These are great events, allowing students to make new friends easily. Contact me or any other SU member with suggested charity events or improvements to be made to college, and they will be discussed with senior staff.
Ellie Shaw President of the Student Union 2016-17 29

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