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Advanced level courses
To do any of our advanced level learning programmes you must:
• Haveachieved5GCSEsatA*-Cor4oraboveor equivalent alternative level 2 / intermediate courses (BTEC First quali cations etc).
• WhereBTECquali cationsareincludedwerecommend that students have achieved at least a Merit in order to progress on to Advanced level courses.
Further advice and guidance will be provided during your course advice session and enrolment.
A level courses
• Alevelsarestudiedacrosstwoyearswithexaminationsin all units taking place at the end of two years.
• ASlevelsareoneyearstand-alonecoursesthataretaught discretely to the A level – an AS level no longer contributes to the overall A level outcome.
Cambridge Pre-U
We offer the Cambridge Pre-U in Philosophy as an alternative to the A level quali cation and the Global Perspectives course is also a Pre-U quali cation. The Cambridge
Pre-U quali cation is recognised as equivalent to A level quali cations.
BTEC and Cambridge Technical Quali cations
a different learning experience from A levels with greater emphasis on coursework as the main mode of assessment. BTECs are available at one or more of the following specialist levels equivalent to one, two or three A levels (see individual course descriptions for details):
• Certi cateequivalenttooneASlevel
• ExtendedCerti cateequivalenttooneAlevel • DiplomaequivalenttotwoAlevels
• Extended Diploma equivalent to three A levels
AssessmentinBTECwillconsistofamixtureofcoursework and exams and will be graded at pass, merit, distinction or distinction*. BTECs are mainly two year courses but some subjects do have a one year quali cation equivalent to an AS level and can be taken as a one year option. Where this is possible the quali cations are modular and co-taught with students achieving a quali cation at the end of year one and year two. Our IT courses offer the Cambridge Technical Quali cation which is assessed in the same way as BTECs.
Subjects available in 2017 are:-
Applied Science, Business, Dance, Hospitality and Event Management, Information Technology, Media, Music Technology, Performing Arts, Sport, Travel and Tourism
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