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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
Eve Oakley
Coming from Peters eld, in Hampshire, I had a wide range of choices regarding sixth form colleges, there was not one attached to my school or an obvious feeder option in the local area. I chose to come to Godalming as it was the only place that offered my selected combination of subjects, Art, Textiles, History of Art, and English Literature. Although the College warned me of the pressure of undertaking two coursework subjects,
they were extremely supportive of my decision, and even allowed me to take an EPQ in costume design in the second year as my additional study to replace English Literature, which was a real test of my coursework capabilities.
In my  rst year, I relished the opportunity to focus only on my favourite subjects, instead of compulsory studies at GSCE, and in the second year was able to re ne these choices to focus more on my chosen career pathway. I found my subject choices  tted really well together, English Literature offered me a lot of creative inspiration for my artwork in terms of subject matter and narrative, and History of Art showed me a huge range of artistic styles and movements that I took as artist references in my Art and Textiles coursework.
Coming to Godalming College has really helped my development as a person, there is such diversity among the students, and groups from
all different subjects mix in lunchtimes and in frees, it has given me
the opportunity to make a wide range of friends even outside of the Art department where I spend so much of my time. I feel far more accepted at college than I did at school, there are so many students here so you can always  nd someone who thinks just like you, or who has the same interests.
I am so grateful for all the opportunities my courses have given me, an amazing week in Florence last year for History of Art, and regular gallery visits whenever we can  nd an excuse, it’s so much better seeing artwork in the  esh! The teachers here are amazing, they really treat us as adults and respect our decisions as well as offering their own guidance, and
we are given a lot of freedom in lessons to produce our own creative outcomes.
I would highly recommend Godalming as a stepping stone from school to adulthood, two intense years of studying both Art and Textiles has earned me the opportunity to progress straight to a degree course in Costume Design, at Wimbledon College of Arts, without a foundation year. Godalming College has given me con dence and belief in myself as an artist to allow me to feel ready to progress straight to university and follow my dream to become a costume designer.

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