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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
Art Photography
AS/A Level
The Photography course aims to develop students as Photographers and Artists. The Photography Department believes that anyone with
any kind of camera can be a photographer and that anyone can be an artist. You must want to capture and create images. You will develop your artistic skills by creating images that are individual, personal
and unique in style and content. You will become more able to present and communicate your thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences.
The Photography course is an exciting opportunity to gain knowledge and hands-on experience to enhance the development of your craft skills to become a better artist and photographer. You will learn to manipulate the world including situations, people and light and be adept at selecting equipment and tools to achieve the Photography and Art that you wish. Whilst we cannot provide limitless material resources or expensive professional equipment, we can provide good quality cameras and other resources to supplement what you have access to already
and the support of enthusiastic and caring teachers/practitioners in a stimulating environment.
You will be required to work in one or more areas of photography which may include:
• Portraiture, documentary and/or photo-journalism
• Landscape photography
• Working from objects, still life or the natural world
• Experimental imagery
Students are expected to have a genuine interest in image making and digital photography (which includes the manipulation of images using computers). We work mainly with digital cameras and processing,
but with a traditional darkroom available, particularly for extending experimentation opportunities. We are interested particularly in printmaking.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade C or above in a GCSE creative subject such as Art, Photography, Textiles, DT Graphics/Product Design or a creative vocational course such as a BTEC level 2 in Media.
100% coursework.
Art Textiles
AS/A Level
The Art Textiles course offers
an exciting opportunity to
extend your skills in textile design. You will gain a thorough understanding of the following essential techniques: felting, weaving, knitting, silk screen, block and mono-printing, mark-making, drawing, machine embroidery, papermaking, dyeing, batik, rusting, scorching, sculptural basketry techniques, pleating and steaming.
The main purpose of the Art
Textiles course is to develop
your ability to appreciate the
visual world and to enable you
to respond in a personal and
creative way through hands-on
making. The textiles staff devise
projects that encourage you to explore your creative instincts through a wide range of materials and techniques.
Your textile creations are placed in wider context by studying practitioners’ work and learning from their techniques and processes. Thus enriching your own work and understanding. During the course we run trips to the Victoria and Albert Museum, New Designers, London, New York and Paris.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade C or above in Art or Textiles preferable but not essential.
100% coursework.
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