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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
AS/A Level
Throughout the course you will explore the microscopic world of cells and how they work. The chemicals that make living organisms are studied, whilst body systems such as heart and circulation are explored. The use of biology in medicine and forensic science are studied, including exciting techniques such as gene technology.
You will also learn about the fascinating worlds of ecology, evolution and genetics. Detailed studies will reveal how living organisms function, including the movement of materials within animals and plants, energy systems in the living world, how organisms keep control and sensory systems working to maintain life.
In both years you will undertake a wide range of challenging practical experiments and investigations.
Additional Entry Requirements
BB in Science and Additional Science or three B grades in separate sciences plus Maths at grade 6 or above.
Written exams plus a practical endorsement.
BTEC National (level 3) Certi cate, Extended Certi cate and Diploma
There are two level 3 BTEC courses available to choose from according to the degree of specialisation in business, that you wish to follow. All the courses contain a strong practical work related approach. This emphasis on practical skills ensures you leave the course fully prepared for either Higher Education or employment.
The Extended Certi cate (equivalent to one A level)
This quali cation will be taken alongside other level 3 subjects and is a two-year course. You follow a variety of units such as: Introduction to Business, Business Resources, Marketing, Business Communication and Business Finance.
The Diploma (equivalent to two A levels)
This quali cation will normally be taken with one or two other subjects at level 2 or 3. You follow various core units, and special units from areas such as Accounting, Market Research and Law.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 4 in English and Maths.
There will be a combination of internally assessed practical projects and assignments, together with externally assessed examined units. Grades of Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction* are awarded which are equivalent to A levels for the purpose of university entrance.
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