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A Successful Modern Learning Community
In 2015 the A level pass rate was 99.7%, 61.8% having achieved an A*
- B grade and 34% achieving an A* or A grade. There was a 100% pass rate in all BTEC subjects with 85% of students achieving a Distinction* to Merit grade. The pass rate at Intermediate Level was also excellent. Department for Education tables show that we achieve a signi cant level of added value at A level with our students achieving well beyond their potential compared with students with similar GCSE results in the country as a whole.
Godalming College was inspected in 2008 and received a Grade 1 Outstanding rating in all areas - and the college results and facilities have improved considerably since then! This combination of excellent results and an outstanding Ofsted make us one of the best and most successful colleges in the country. Download the full Ofsted report at
along with an adjoining practice area probably offer the best views of any facility in the country! Our campus is second-to-none in offering modern, attractive, stimulating spaces in which to learn and socialise.
In addition we have invested substantially in developing high quality IT, award winning online infrastructure and a high student-to-PC ratio which means that student learning is supported by the best that technology can offer. We have an extensive Wi  system in place which means that you can use your own devices across the campus.
Outstanding teaching and learning is at the heart of the Godalming College experience. You will  nd your lessons are interesting, innovative and individualised. We place a lot of emphasis on enabling you to become an independent learner with the study skills, know-how and con dence to think for yourself and to manage your own learning programme.
Teachers will take the time to work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you achieve this. When the time comes, we want you to be well prepared for higher education or your  rst proper job and be well on the way to becoming a life-long learner.
There is a strong sense of community at Godalming College. Students make new friends quickly and there is a lively sociable feel to campus life. This is all reinforced by the wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities available to students including a great programme of trips and visits.
In a survey at the end of the academic year students were overwhelmingly positive about their experience at Godalming. Students feel strongly that they are part of a caring and committed community and that this is a key factor in helping them to  ourish.
We have just completed a new 16 classroom English and Modern Foreign Languages block costing nearly £3 million. This provides sparkling new facilities and spaces for these subject areas. We are carrying out major refurbishment of the Gill Building to create a new Student Centre. This will provide further dedicated space for socialising and informal study together with a student information desk and access on the other  oors to key services, including Careers, Directors of Faculty, Senior Tutors, Counsellors and ILT support. These building works mark the completion of a major programme of renewal and refurbishment of our campus over the last ten years or so, worth around £15 million.
We have extensive outdoor spaces for sport and exercise, including new sports pitches located in Ashstead Lane at the rear of the campus. The rugby and football pitch are built to full international dimensions and

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