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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
English Language
AS/A Level
This course will develop your interest in the use of English giving you the linguistic skills to analyse a wide range of spoken and written texts. You will produce pieces of journalistic writing about language, and study how language use might be in uenced by power, gender and technology in different contexts. If you take the full A level, you will further develop your understanding of key concepts and theories in language study, with an additional focus on language and the media, how children acquire language and how language changes over time. For coursework you will conduct an independent language investigation and an accompanying academic poster.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 4 in English Language although higher grades are recommended, especially for students who intend to take the subject on to a full A level.
External exams and coursework
Further course information can be found at:
English Language and Literature
AS/A Level
On this course you will learn how to apply a range of literary and linguistic analytical techniques to plays, novels and poetry as well as non-literary texts (e.g transcripts of conversations). Some of these methods, such as looking at word choice, will be familiar to you. Others, such as using a strong grammatical approach, will probably be new. There are opportunities for original writing, for example creating a story using narrative approaches that you have learnt while studying
a set novel. For coursework, in the second year, you will conduct a comparative study of two texts, one of which will be non- ction, and produce your own piece of non- ction original writing.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 4 in English Language and/or English Literature.
External exams and coursework. 43

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