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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
English Literature
AS/A Level
On this course you will study a variety of poets, novelists and playwrights and develop your own voice as a literary critic. The course includes a focus on modern poetry, including unseen poems, and a critical study of Shakespeare. You will explore how texts are produced, with a particular focus on their cultural and historical contexts.
We use theatre visits and trips to museums and literary landmarks to support your work in class. You will produce an extended comparative coursework essay in your second year.
Additional Entry Requirements
A minimum grade 4 in English Language and English Literature; although higher grades are recommended, especially for students who intend to take the subject on to a full A level.
External examination and coursework.
Environmental Studies
AS/A Level
Environmental Studies link together, in an exciting way, the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, geology and geography. On the course you will investigate local and international environmental issues, topical and current policies and issues and learn to evaluate and assess data and information from a number of different sources. You will look at how the planet works; the soil and rocks, the oceans, the atmosphere and the complex living world that depends upon these systems. How man is upsetting and damaging the environment is contrasted with sustainable management of the planet. Environmental scientists are actively tackling a range of issues facing the world, such as climate change, pollution, deserti cation and GM technology. Guest lecturers will visit the college and you will participate in  eld trips including a visit to Marwell Zoo to look at captive breeding programmes.
Additional Entry Requirements
CC in Science and Applied/Additional Science or C grades in Biology and Chemistry.
External assessment only.
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