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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
AS/A Level
The course follows units in physical and human geography. Topics covered include population, globalisation and urbanisation for human geography and coasts and natural hazards for physical geography. During your studies you will develop your geographical skills. You will be able to attend  eldwork, which will contribute to your skills development and relate directly to the content you are studying. Fieldwork knowledge, understanding and skills are assessed within an independent student investigation and appropriate examination questions.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade C in Geography GCSE. Students who have not taken the subject at GCSE will be considered if they have a good grade set in comparable subjects.
A combination of external exams and coursework.
Further course information can be found at:
AS/A Level
The course will build on your existing GCSE knowledge of German – all the skills, vocabulary and structures you have already learned form
the foundation for the two available quali cations: AS standalone (1 year course) and A level (2 year linear course) and will be refreshed at regular intervals. You will be taught by a native speaker and additionally you will have weekly sessions with a Foreign Language Assistant.
There will be opportunities to take part in a residential trip and work experience can also be organised for you.
You should have a good basic knowledge of German vocabulary and grammar, an awareness of the culture and current affairs of the German-speaking countries and an open mind and positive work ethics.
On this course you will acquire a much better understanding of grammatical structures, your active and passive vocabulary will increase rapidly and you will be expected to express your own ideas and opinions in both written and spoken German.
The topics you will study in the AS or  rst year of the course:
• Social issues and trends: nature and the environment, education, the world of work
• Political and artistic culture: music, media, festivals and traditions • A  lm
The topics you will study in year 2 of the A level course:
• The reuni cation of Germany
• The multicultural society
• An independent research project • A book
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade B in German or equivalent quali cation.
Listening, reading and writing papers and oral exams. 47

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