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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
Global Perspectives
Cambridge Pre U
This is a relatively new course designed to equip students with the
study skills they need for university courses. It aims to foster the
tools required for independent learning by teaching students how to conduct their own research projects and how to analyse resources effectively. The course encourages self-re ection, critical thinking, and communication whilst allowing students to explore issues of global signi cance. The course covers a range of global topics under the themes of culture, economics, environment, ethics, politics, and science and technology. Given that there is a lot of emphasis on a student-led approach the students have the freedom to choose topics that are of particular interest to them. Furthermore this lends itself to being a useful progression route and preparation for Higher Education.
Additional Entry Requirements
A minimum of grade 4 in English as the subject requires signi cant reading and written (essay) assessment. An interest in current affairs is also vital.
Examination 25%, essay 30% and presentation 45%.
Government and Politics
AS/A Level
Government and Politics is a fast paced, rapidly changing subject
to study. It provides students with the opportunity to investigate the historical and conceptual background to political ideas and events in a stimulating and intellectually challenging environment. For those who love the cut and thrust of debate and getting to grips with events as they unfold, this subject is for you. Students will engage with the great political issues of the day and the course provides you with plenty of opportunity to inform and express your views on those events. Politics also develops key academic skills such as research, analysis and essay writing, all of which are essential for those looking to take a humanities degree at university.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 4 in English.
All by external exams.
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