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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
History: Democracy and Dictatorship
AS/A Level
The History Department is one of the largest departments in College and provides a stimulating learning environment in which students not only develop their knowledge and understanding but also gain strong academic skills.
You may choose from two different History courses. Each course covers at least 200 years and includes British and international history.
The Modern course, ‘Democracy and Dictatorship’, consists of three examined units and one coursework unit. In the  rst year, students
will study the early Tudors from 1485 to 1558 as their Unit 1 course. In addition to this, Unit 2 will focus on German dictatorship and democracy between 1919 and 1963. In the second year, Modern students will study the struggle for civil Rights in the USA of African Americans, women, Native Americans and workers from 1865 to 1992. Whilst doing so they will choose a coursework question to answer.
The History Department is a vibrant place to study, offering many opportunities to extend interest in the subject including day trips; opportunities to hear external speakers and lecturers as well as a range of residential trips to places such as Berlin and Krakow.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade C in History if taken; newcomers to the subject are welcomed.
Written exams and coursework in the second year.
History of Art
AS/A Level
History of Art will appeal to all students who have an interest in the visual culture of the past and present. The course has been designed to offer students the opportunity to explore the Art and Architecture of the world from the Classical era to the present day. It embraces the artistic production of different cultures and individuals from across the globe.
All students will learn the vocabulary and skills of formal analysis across painting, sculpture and architecture.
You will develop the ability to explore and respond to art works and
to understand how and why they were created. The principal aim
of the course is to allow the students to develop their own critical judgement and become well versed in the history of both art (including architecture) and artists. The History of Art speci cation offers an introduction to art history and an in-depth research that will readily complement further study at university. The course provides an opportunity to research painting, sculpture and architecture from a variety of artistic periods.
Additional Entry Requirements
GCSE grade 4 or above in English. No previous knowledge of Art History is required. Students who wish to study this course do not have to have any practical skills either as it is based on written research and direct observation.
Two written exam papers in each year.
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