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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
AS/A Level
In both years of this course you will study Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. The Pure Mathematics extends the GCSE work on algebra, co-ordinate geometry, vectors and trigonometry and introduces you to exponential and logarithmic functions and calculus. Mechanics and Statistics both involve the modelling of real world situations using appropriate mathematics; Mechanics relating to the physical world and Statistics to the presentation and handling of data.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 6 in Mathematics - however, experience shows that students are more likely to be successful in AS Mathematics with a grade 7 or above at GCSE.
Both AS and A level Mathematics are assessed by external written examination.
Further course information can be found at:
Mathematics/ Further Mathematics
AS/A Level
Further Maths A level is studied with Maths A level and provides a double A level quali cation in Mathematics.
In the  rst year of the course you will complete all six units of A level Mathematics. During the second year you will study a further six units: three more in pure mathematics, introducing you to complex numbers and differential equations, and a further three units from the applied choices.
It is possible for A level Maths students to take Further Maths AS in their second year. This consists of three units, including one further pure maths unit.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 7 in Mathematics, but an 8 or 9 recommended. You must enjoy the study of Mathematics as you will be doing twice as many lessons in this subject as your other subjects.
Both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are assessed by external written examination 55

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