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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
Maths (Use of)
AS Level
This is a legacy modular course which is now only available to AS-level in one year. There are three units on Algebra (functions and graphs), Data Analysis (statistical techniques and interpretation) and Decision Maths (algorithms on networks). The emphasis is on applications to real-life contexts. This is a good course to choose if you wish to extend your mathematical knowledge to AS level but are less con dent about your ability to cope with algebra.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 6 in Mathematics.
Three external written examinations.
Media Studies
AS/A Level
This course will equip you with the correct subject terminology, theories and concepts to effectively deconstruct media products. You will study a cross section of media texts (TV programmes,  lms, adverts, websites etc.) and learn how they communicate their meanings to audiences. You will also learn and develop practical skills by producing either moving image or print production work.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade C in English or Media Studies.
Written exams and practical coursework productions.
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