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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
Laurence Cox-Freeman
I’ve been at Godalming College for three years, and now I’m about to leave for university with A-levels in Film Studies, Drama, World Development and BTEC Media that have provided the means to progress to higher education. My time here has equipped me with the skills and knowledge for my chosen future career.
I had heard fantastic reviews from friends and family about the college, with many different subjects to choose from. I applied
to college and was put into the Access year to improve my GCSE results. During that year, my teachers encouraged me to pursue studying and creating  lm, and my passion grew. The course introduced me to the different types of  lmmaking equipment that the department has. This was available to me at any time, whether I needed to edit a  lm for coursework or if I wanted to shoot a short moving image piece for fun. Film Studies gained me better practice in analytical skills, looking into the different types of camera shots, costumes, acting styles, props and editing techniques. I was then able to apply the knowledge that I’d learnt to create my own  lm showreel.
It was this time that I decided to pursue my passion for cinema
to hopefully  nd a career in the  lm industry. My teachers would recommend texts for me to watch and were always available for discussion and assistance. During practicals I had a better chance of getting closer with my class mates and working with people from a variety of different backgrounds, preparing me for what the  lm industry will be like. Media and Film was also a great way to learn about research skills, essay writing and presentational skills. I do truly believe that Godalming College was a good step for me, to gain a wealth of experiences before heading off to University. I know that I will always cherish my time here and aim to stay in touch with both teachers and peers. 57

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