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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
Alex Lawton
I started Godalming College after changing my career path from medicine to music. The music industry had always been where I wanted to head for, and Godalming College have given me the best possible chance of getting there. I currently study Chemistry, Music and Music Tech, all of which I chose in order to give myself the best chance of making it to where I want to be.
Before Godalming, I had never really used or learnt about the wide variety of skills needed in order to be successful within the industry, and the course provided gives a very detailed and manageable way to learn these skills, all of which are relatable and can be used in many different  elds within the industry.
My ambition is to become an electronic music producer, and Music Tech has provided me with the expertise and knowledge in order
to help me develop and progress. For example, I have learnt how
to best record speci c instruments, and how to effectively mix and master a track. You are given the opportunity to work with some extremely talented musicians within the college, as well as provided with the experience to set up and use live sound equipment. The facilities available are of high quality and this really helps in being able to produce at a near professional level.
For me, the teachers play a major role as to why the course is so effective. Both teachers have a lot of knowledge about the tech side of music, but they also both know vast amounts of music theory, which is very important when it comes to actually making music. They will always push you to go further in order to get the most out of you, and are always around to help if you need it, whether it be in or out of lesson time.
I only ended up applying for 3 courses due to my quite selective career path choice, but received offers to study all of them. My  rst choice is to study Digital Music at Southampton Solent University, and I hope to eventually make it as an electronic music producer and DJ. 61

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