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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
AS/A Level and/or Pre U
Philosophers raise questions about issues that thoughtful people  nd puzzling. Such issues include the origins of our ideas, the extent of our knowledge and the nature of our values. For example, can we draw conclusions about how things really are from the way they appear to us? Are all of the ideas or concepts we possess derived from sense experience? How do we decide what is and what isn’t a morally right action? Is this determined by our intentions or by the consequences
of our actions? What is the mind? Do others have minds? How can you know that other humans have minds?
Philosophy is a challenging as well as a satisfying subject and the abilities to think clearly and argue logically are highly regarded both academically and in the world of work. You should be willing to discuss ideas and justify the judgements you make.
You will acquire knowledge and develop reasoning skills through
the study of a number of core themes in Philosophy. At AS level the core themes are Epistemology and Ethics. Beyond AS level what you study will depend upon whether you choose to take an A-level or
the Cambridge Pre-U quali cation. Both pathways offer a different perspective on Philosophy and advice will be given regarding which one might be the right quali cation for you.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 6 in English.
100% examination.
Physical Education
AS/A Level
The PE course combines all the major elements of any study of sport: applied anatomy and exercise physiology; biomechanical movement; skill acquisition; sport psychology; sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport.
Alongside this theoretical study of Physical Education, students will be assessed in a competitive situation for one activity as either a performer or a coach.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 4 in English and grade C in Science and demonstrated competence in Physical Education.
External exams (70%) and practical assessment (30%).
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