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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
AS/A Level
In the AS course you will extend your study of a number of familiar topics from GCSE Science, such as mechanics, electricity and waves. The course also includes some exciting new topics in quantum and particle physics. An extended practical session each week will reinforce your learning and develop your experimental skills.
The  rst year of the A level course is the same as the AS course. In the second year you will study further mechanics topics, the properties of electric, magnetic and gravitational  elds, and nuclear and thermal physics. You will also study an option topic of your choice.
Additional Entry Requirements
BB in Science and Additional Science or grade B in Physics, grade 6 in Maths. You are also strongly recommended to take AS Maths alongside Physics.
Assessment at both levels is 100% by examination, including questions which will test application of practical skills. There will also be a separate endorsement of practical work for the full A level.
Product Design (3D)
AS/A Level
The course is centred on the following design areas: architecture, furniture and product. In the  rst half of the course we will develop your skills and capabilities through a series of activities and short projects led by your teacher, and will culminate in an extended design project. You will develop your appreciation of form and function and the use of a variety of materials and manufacturing processes. You will develop your abilities to draw, sketch, use CAD/CAM and prototype to communicate your ideas. You will become familiar with major design movements and the work of other designers in order to broaden your appreciation of good design. In the second half of the course you will build upon the techniques learnt and will have the freedom to explore your own project work.
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade 4 in English and Maths preferred and, if taken, a GCSE in any Design Technology option at grade C or above. The course is open to all students, even if you have not studied the subject before. What we are interested in is your desire to design and make solutions.
100% coursework (split between two components 50% +50%).
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