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Level 3 Programme: A Level and BTEC Courses
AS/A Level
This course will build on your existing GCSE knowledge of Spanish – all the skills, vocabulary and structures you have already learned form
the foundation for the two available quali cations: AS standalone (1
year course) and A level (2 year linear course). In this course you will engage in a wide range of activities and skills in lessons which will be taught by two members of staff, one of whom who is a native speaker.
In addition to this, you will attend a weekly half-hour session with the Foreign Language Assistant in a small group. You will become pro cient in the use of a variety of tenses and complex grammatical structures, as well as broadening your range of vocabulary. You will also increase your knowledge and understanding of aspects of the society, the culture and history of Spain. It will also help to develop your critical thinking skills and you will learn to express your own ideas and opinions in both written and spoken Spanish.
There will be an opportunity to take part in a one-week Exchange with our partner school in Spain.
The topics you will study in the AS or  rst year of the A level course:
• Aspects of Hispanic society: Family values, cyberspace and equality.
• Artistic culture: Modern idols, Spanish regional identity and Cultural heritage.
• A  lm or a book
The topics you will study in year 2 of the A level course:
• Multiculturalism in Hispanic society: Immigration, racism and Integration
• Political life in the Hispanic world: Tomorrow’s people, Monarchies and dictatorships and Popular movements.
• An independent research project on a subject of personal interest
• A  lm or a book (A combination of either a  lm and a book or alternatively two books must be studied over the two years.)
Additional Entry Requirements
Grade B in GCSE Spanish minimum or equivalent foreign quali cation.
Listening, reading and writing papers and oral exams. 67

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