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Level 2 Programmes
Intermediate level courses
The Access course
If you do not achieve  ve C grades (or grades 4 plus) at GCSE, then we can offer a level 2 intermediate programme known as the Access Course which has two alternative routes:-
a) Access to Level 3 to gain extra quali cations in order to qualify for studying on a Level 3 programme of A levels and BTEC courses. Students will need at least two GCSEs at grade C or the new grade 4 to qualify for this programme and/or an average of D or 3 grades at GCSE overall. Your learning programme will consist of 4 or 5 core subjects.
The level 2 options are as follows:
• Business Studies GCSE (Double Award) • English GCSE
• Italian GCSE
• Leisure and Tourism GCSE
• Mathematics GCSE or Use of Maths GCSE • Media Studies GCSE (Double Award)
• Science GCSE
• Spanish GCSE
• BTEC Sport First Award (Level 2)
b) Access to Employment to improve quali cations, skills
and con dence to help you access better employment opportunities. Students will need at least three GCSEs at grade D or 3 or above to qualify for this programme. Your learning programme will consist of core subjects plus work experience and an employability course.
When thinking about Access programmes ask yourself the following questions:
• Am I aiming to improve my GCSE grades to progress to Level 3?
• Am I aiming to improve my employment prospects?
• What are my career goals?
• Have I achieved grade 4 in English and Maths?
• Which subjects would I  nd interesting and motivating and why?
• Which subjects would not interest or motivate me?
• Do I perform well in exams or am I better at coursework?
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