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Level 2 Programmes
In this course you will learn to listen to, speak, read and write French up to GCSE standard. The topics covered will include talking about yourself, your family, where you live, your hobbies, school, going out, travelling in France, holidays,  nding your way and shopping. You will learn to write letters in French and discuss issues such as health and the difference between life in France and England.
Additional Entry Requirements
Available to all students.
You can take either the Foundation or Higher level in the end of year Listening and Reading examinations. The Speaking and Writing skills are assessed by means of controlled assessments.
Further course information can be found at:
In this Italian beginners’ course you will learn to speak, read, under- stand and write Italian, both up to GCSE standard and for everyday use.
The topics covered will include talking about yourself and family, where you live, your hobbies, going out, travelling in Italy,  nding your way, eating, shopping and staying in hotels, youth hostels and campsites. You will learn how to write letters in Italian and discuss issues such as the environment, health and the differences between life in Italy and England.
The Italian department offers an extra-curricular trip to make pizza with an Italian chef where you can put your language skills into practice. No previous knowledge of Italian is expected.
Students often take Italian GCSE to accompany another language stud- ied to A level as this provides evidence of linguistic skill when applying for university.
Additional Entry Requirements
Available for all students.
You will be assessed in listening and reading at the end of the course. Oral and written assessments will take place at various stages through- out the academic year. 73

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