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Upper 6th Additional Study Options
Arts Award (Gold)
In association with ClassAction and the Music department, the Arts Award is an exciting new course for students studying Drama, Dance, Performing Arts, Music and Music Technology students and/or those involved in extracur- ricular Music and Performing Arts. The Gold Award is designed for 16-25 year olds and is a practical quali cation where you will re- search and review contemporary artists, gain experience in an area of the ‘Arts’ and lead a performance project. The course will further develop your creativity, communication, plan- ning, teamwork and leadership skills and is a useful addition to any personal statement. It is a course that rewards you for the activities you are doing already!
If you are volunteering in performance of some sort, have an interest in the Arts and want to run your own event, it is the perfect choice
and useful for applications to Drama School
or Music Conservatoires as well as giving you 16 UCAS points (under the new tariff) for those heading for University.
Sports Leadership
The level 2 award in Sports Leadership gives you the chance to develop your organisation, motivation and communications skills, whilst also focussing on positive role models in sport, how to mentor others, and how to use leader- ship skills in a variety of settings. This course is open to non-PE students. All second year PE or BTEC Sport students will do this course as part of their PE A level or BTEC, but should also consider choosing another Additional option or broadening course.
Extended Project
Quali cation
The Extended Project Quali cation (EPQ) enables you to choose an area of interest, most probably related to one or more of your A level courses and/or your future studies, and to produce a project based on this. Projects may take the form of a dissertation, an investiga- tion/ eld study, a performance or an arte- fact. The major emphasis is on the process behind the project. The EPQ is well regarded by universities as it provides an opportunity to learn relevant new skills and to demonstrate the ability to undertake research. You will need to be highly motivated and committed to undertake the degree of independent learning required.
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