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The 3+1 level 3 learning programme
The 3+1 level 3 learning programme involves you studying three main subjects over two years with an additional one year quali cation alongside these in the  rst year and opportunities
to study a further one year quali cation in the second year. The one year course will give you a broad programme of knowledge and options for choosing your best three main subjects in the second year.
Your programme of study will be individually tailored to suit your needs and will be made up of any combination one year AS levels, two year A levels and BTEC quali cations of different sizes. GCSE quali cations may also be taken alongside.
Students who achieve at least 5 GCSEs at A*-C grade or grade 4† or above will qualify for studying on a level 3 learning programme. Equivalent quali cations in vocational courses will also count, as will equivalent overseas quali cations. Therefore a student with 3 x C grades and 2 x ‘4’ grades will qualify to study at level 3. †Number grade outcomes in GCSE English and Maths will appear from August 2017. Grades of 4 and above will allow students to progress onto a Level 3 learning programme, but access to some subjects will require a grade 6 or above (an ‘old’ B grade). Please see our subject pages for speci c details.
The structure and options in our main curriculum offer is as follows:
1. All level 3 programmes will consist of four elements in the lower sixth year on a 3+1 basis, which includes subjects studied over two years alongside a quali cation undertaken over one year:-
Students with excellent GCSE results will take a learning programme consisting of 4 A levels or a mix of A levels and BTECs. Students will study these four subjects across two years.
Students with good GCSE results can take 3 A levels or the equivalent as subjects taken over two years alongside an additional course lasting one year. The broadening course will usually be an AS level in which the exam is taken at the end of the  rst or lower sixth year.
Students with satisfactory GCSEs at around the basic 5 GCSE A*-C or grade 4 level will take 3 subjects over two years, probably a mixture of A levels and BTECs plus a one year course. It might be that the one year course needs to be a GCSE re-take. If not, the broadening course will be a smaller quali cation than a full AS level or BTEC Certi cate like a personal  nance quali cation or a research skills quali cation.
2. We will be happy to individualise and agree a learning programme with you which differs from the recommendations above so long as this makes sense to you and to the College.
3. Where possible, students taking a ‘one-year’ AS level course alongside 3 A levels will have the opportunity of continuing this as a full A level in the upper sixth year as well as or instead of one of their ‘two-year’ A levels.
4. Students in the upper sixth year will have the opportunity of taking an additional one-year broadening course to widen their range
of quali cations. A popular choice here is the Extended Project Quali cation.
5. All students who have yet to achieve Maths and/or English GCSE at grade 4 or above will have to retake these subjects as a one-year course.
6. In addition to ‘two-year’ subjects and ‘one year’ courses you will have access to our Shaping Futures programme and a whole range of enrichment options.

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