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Additional Options
French, Italian or
These courses offer the chance to learn a completely new language from scratch. There are no formal entry requirements. You will spend each stimulating lesson in small groups learning how to get by in a variety of situations. There will be a wide range of activities, in- cluding using interactive white boards and the digital language lab. For more details about these courses see French, Italian or Spanish GCSE in the level 2 programmes section of this prospectus.
Personal Finance
You will gain knowledge about the practical and legal constraints on the sources and
uses of money, the methods of organising
your money and through personal budgeting, the considered use of appropriate bank and building society accounts and the concepts
and consequences of overspending or payment default. Each unit consists of a series of tasks and review questions which are available on Godalming Online, so that you can work at your own pace in your weekly lessons.
Rockschool Award for Music Practitioners
This exciting contemporary music course is designed for anyone who is interested in popu- lar music and wants to develop their skills. Most lessons will be spent with students re- hearsing and performing in bands. The course content also includes stage managing con- certs, sound engineering and event promotion. Internal and external concerts will be staged throughout the year.
Further course information can be found at:

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