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Outstanding Support

Our philosophy is that all students should be supported on a personal and individual basis in terms of both academic progress and general welfare and wellbeing. Our +Enrichment programme will allow you to explore learning beyond the A Level or BTEC classroom, enabling you to develop your interests alongside your identity. It is our aim to ensure that you not only achieve your educational goals but that you thrive, becoming thoughtful and active citizens and leaving College with confidence, resilience and optimism for the future.

Support for all

Personal Tutors

College is all about the transitions; from school into College and, almost as soon as you have settled here, from College to university or employment. You will be assigned a Personal Tutor who will be there to support your progress, offering help when necessary and encouraging you to take responsibility for your learning and your future. You will meet with your Tutor once per week, with additional settling in and careers-based sessions.

Senior Tutors

Our Senior Tutor team are trained safeguarding leads who work with students on a range of both personal and academic issues. The Senior Tutors know that your welfare is key to your academic progress and are committed to working with you to help you meet your potential. Senior Tutors have an open door policy and you can either contact them by email, book an appointment or drop in if they are free. They, alongside your Personal Tutor, will help to signpost you to internal or external forms of support.

Shaping Futures

‘Shaping Futures’ is the name we give to our tutorial programme. The Shaping Futures programme is designed to build your life skills, support you with your study skills as well as with your planning for your next step beyond Godalming. There are additional sessions in the first term to help you settle into College. There are also sessions built into the programme for one to ones with your Tutor, so that you can review your progress on a more personal and individual basis. We will also cover topics relevant to current affairs and issues affecting young people, for example participation in safe driving awareness.

Curriculum Support

Departments run workshops which you will be able to access if you are struggling with a particular aspect of the course or if you feel that you would welcome the extra input. The department may also place you on a supportive action plan in order to set you clear goals to get back on track. If you are finding multiple subjects difficult, you may be appointed a Learning Coach, who can work with you to discuss your vision and skills.

Student Reviews

Student reviews, which are issued to all students and their parents twice a year, give an account of progress in terms of attendance, approach to learning and performance against target grades. You will have a personal review of progress with each of your subject teachers four times across a two year A Level/BTEC programme. In addition, you will meet with your Personal Tutors several times a year for a progress check. There are parents’ evenings across the two years when parents can meet with subject teachers to discuss academic progress.


Godalming College promotes the importance of student safety through our Safeguarding Policy, which highlights that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and through our Safety and Wellbeing Weeks in which you will learn about how to keep yourself safe, both now and in the future. All staff at Godalming are totally committed to the safeguarding of our students and will liaise with external agencies when necessary. The Safeguarding Team comprises the Assistant Principal, the Senior Tutors, The Head of Learning Support and The Head of Counselling.

Student Support

Godalming College successfully supports students to reach their full potential. This video describes how personal tutors

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