+ Enrichment

When you join College, you will not only benefit from a first-class academic education, you will also be joining a vibrant learning community where your engagement and personal enrichment is a key focus.

We are delighted to be able to offer a wide range of additional options to develop and support you alongside your core academic or vocational subjects. Whether you want to try your hand at a new skill, play sport or music, get involved with exploring areas beyond the core curriculum subjects or strengthen your life skills of resilience, budgeting, time- management or leadership, we have something for everyone. These enable you to gain confidence and broaden your experiences to support your next step, whatever that may be. In the first year, our +Enrichment programme has two pathways: +Explore and +Active. The +Explore pathway provides you with a range of short courses to choose from. Students will study two of these, one in the Autumn Term and one in the Spring Term. The +Active pathway includes sport, music, drama and dance, which run for the majority of the year. The following pages will give you a flavour of our extensive range of options.

The second year +Enrichment programme provides you with an opportunity to continue with +Active and some of the +Explore pathways, or instead take an additional qualification to support your application to competitive destinations. For example, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Core Maths or the Arts Award Gold.

In addition we have plenty of student-led activities and societies to join in with. In short, we are confident we have something for everyone.

“...students benefit greatly from the newly introduced ‘+Enrichment’ programme. They enjoy their learning and understand either extra study enhances their career prospects.” Ofsted December 2019

  • +Active - Dance and Drama

  • +Active - Music

  • +Active - Sport

  • +Active - Duke of Edinburgh

  • +Qualifications - Core Maths Level 3

  • +Qualifications - Arts Award Gold Level 3

  • +Explore - AI, Automation and Robotics

  • +Explore - Investment Society

  • +Explore - Morals of Markets

  • +Explore - Law Next?

  • +Explore - Magazine Production

  • +Explore - Music Industry Careers

  • +Explore - American Cinema

  • +Explore - Contemporary Literature

  • +Explore - Debating

  • +Explore - French for Travelling

  • +Explore - Journalism

  • +Explore - Spanish for Beginners

  • +Explore - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

  • +Explore - Women's Writing

  • +Explore - Architecture of the World

  • +Explore - Art for All

  • +Explore - Dance and Drama School Auditions

  • +Explore - Introduction to Photoshop

  • +Explore - Photography

  • +Explore - Pop music unpicked

  • +Explore - Practical Podcasting

  • +Explore - Climate Change Studies

  • +Explore - Dissection Club

  • +Explore - Forensics

  • +Explore - Pond proposals!

  • +Explore - Anthropology

  • +Explore - History of Warfare

  • +Explore - International Development

  • +Explore - Human Rights

  • +Explore - Politics for Beginners

  • +Explore - Sustainable Living

  • +Explore - The BIG questions

  • +Explore - Understanding Addiction

  • +Explore - 5 - a -side football

  • +Explore - Greening Godalming

  • +Explore - Listening and Counselling

  • +Explore - Mindfulness

  • +Explore - Run 5K

  • +Explore - Yoga

  • +Explore - Zumba

  • +Explore - Engineering

  • +Explore - Problem solving through programming

  • +Explore - History of Fashion

  • +Explore - Chemistry for Life

  • +Explore - Marine Biology

  • + Explore - Synthesis Labs

  • +Explore - Zoology

  • +Explore - First Aid

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