+Explore: How to create the life you want to live

The course will look into how to maximise your own potential.  Essentially that means be the best possible version of you, get the job you want, manage stress & stay healthy using exercises everyone can implement.  The course will examine the following 6 core essentials which affect your mood, memory, performance, and stress levels:

  1. Thinking - How to remain positive and fight anxiety and stress in a world that has seemingly gone bonkers.
  2. Sleep - find out how much sleep you need, how poor sleep affects your life, and how to maximise the benefits of the sleep you get.
  3. Exercise - everyone tells us that we need to exercise, but did you know that fitness & health are not the same thing - find out how to exercise for your health.
  4. Breathing - We all know how to breath, but are you doing it right? - sounds weird but we can use breath to calm us down or increase stress levels.
  5. Nutrition - We all know we should eat healthily but what does that mean? - we'll teach you about metabolic typing and how to eat right for a healthy immune system and body weight for you as an individual.
  6. Hydration - Every cell in your body is reliant on the correct level of hydration - we'll look into getting it right for you.

The course will be interactive and expect students to carry out fun experiments aimed at improving their ability to manage their own lives. We want students to create the life they can't wait to wake up to.

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