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"Generosity, wonder, Joy, bravery, anarchy and play"

Here at Godalming College, ClassAction works to ensure all our training practitioners; actors, dancers, singers and technicians work within a realistic industry model, which allows them to experience, be active, to explore and achieve at the highest level. We provide the very best learning experience possible, inside a mutually respectful and inclusive environment that recognises their creativity, their ambitions and their talent. Our ethos begins right from the start, as over 70 first year drama practitioners filled every found space in Godalming College’s Performing Arts Centre to present the inaugural production of the 2019-2020 season; Columbinus. The production explored the extreme pressure young people can feel within the education system, and where the tragic consequences lie. 
Our first year practitioners mixed with some second year practitioners to present this first production – an immersive promenade theatre adventure that presented a new and vibrant theatre form to our audiences. 

“Coumbinus” was a physical reimagining of the American political play by PJ Paparelli and Stephen Karam. The original production was created by The United States Theatre Project and was sparked by the April 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. 

The verbatim text fuses fact and fiction and illuminates the realities of adolescent culture by exploring the events surrounding the shootings. In shadowed recesses of doorways and stair-wells characters wait to tell their story and share their narratives. These small intimate moments are counter-balanced by explosive and dynamic movement sequences and poignant bitter-sweet scenes. Each audience member was issued with a timetable for the school, and experienced this production on different journey’s and on different paths depending on their timetable colour.

This production was a hard but very rewarding watch and a thrilling start to our Season 1 working towards our vision of inspiring and encouraging our young practitioners to take responsibility for their own learning and social interaction and to develop a moral, ethical, political and cultural understanding of the world and the times in which we live. 
“This is classic ClassAction; we want to celebrate the creative power of collaboration and debate, discussing our world today. We want to encourage the next generation of practitioners. We want new thinking, we want to push boundaries and above all we want to take risks – this has always been our ethos and we work within that framework right from the off ….” Andrew Pullen, Head of Drama