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Homegrown Festival of devised theatre

Our practitioners started their journey of creating devised theatre back in 2019 before the world changed forever. One week before their exam was about to take place, the pieces had to be postponed. With the passing of time, practitioners returned to them and reworked them to create diverse and awe-inspiring contemporary physical theatre performances. Responding to the zeitgeist, practitioners worked tirelessly to make their pieces work for the new parameters of performance making and updated their work to reflect the most up-to-date views and opinions of the socio-economic arena in which life plays out. Deconstructing play texts by authors such as Samuel Beckett, Brad Birch taking inspiration from news articles, podcasts, novels, songs, poetry and art; creating cutting edge, socially conscious and academically underpinned contemporary performances pieces enjoyed by audiences all AROUND THE WORLD – once again, ClassAction practitioners reached an international audience with their work.