+Explore: Plant Based Diets: Food for health and a sustainable future

Directly and indirectly, our food choices impact on many things around us. They make us healthy or sick but also on a larger scale determine public health and the state of our planet. Why should we care about what we eat? What is the link between my meal and the state of the environment? How does your meal relate to your health? Food can have an extraordinary impact on our health, our communities, and our planet. Eating more healthily is a gateway to other positive changes in our lives. Sign up to this +Explore...

  • if you are interested in exploring the ecological impact of industrial agriculture and the scientific evidence behind sustainable food choices, 
  • if you want to learn about Plant-Based nutrition, to foster healthy eating habits & lifestyles to enhance your health and well-being both today and for decades to come.

Feel empowered, come to understand more about food, appreciate it, share recipes and cook Plant-Based recipes that invigorate both you and the planet!

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