b'SHAPINGSTUDENT FUTURES REVIEWSShaping Futures is theStudent reviews, which are name we give to our tutorialissued to all students and programme. The Shapingtheir parents twice a year, Futures programme isgive an account of progress designed to build your lifein terms of attendance, skills, support you with yourapproach to learning and study skills as well as withperformance against target your planning for your nextgrades. You will have a step beyond Godalming.personal review of progress There are additionalwith each of your subject sessions in the rst term toteachers four times across help you settle into College.a two year A Level/BTEC There are also sessions builtprogramme. In addition,into the programme for one-you will meet with your to-ones with your Tutor, soPersonal Tutors several times that you can review youra year for a progress check. progress on a more personalThere are parents evenings and individual basis. We willacross the two years when also cover topics relevantparents can meet with to current aairs and issuessubject teachers to discuss aecting young people, foracademic progress.example participation in safe driving awareness.17'