b'CURRICULUMA VARIETY SUPPORT OF SUPPORT Departments run workshopsIS OFFERED which you will be able toINCLUDING:access if you are strugglingDROP-IN LEARNING with a particular aspect ofSUPPORT the course or if you feel thatavailable to anyone who you would welcome thewould like some help with extra input. The departmenttheir work. may also place you on a supportive action planINDIVIDUAL SUPPORT in order to set you clearboth long and short term goals to get back on track.depending on need.If you are nding multiple ASSESSMENT FOR EXAM subjects dicult, you may beappointed a Learning Coach,ADJUSTMENTSwho can work with you toe.g. extra time, reader, discuss your vision and skills. computer, scribe, etc.SPECIALIST SUPPORT LEARNING ANDFOR A WIDE RANGE STUDY SUPPORT OF NEEDS AND Learning and Study SupportDISABILITIES is available to all, enablingsuch as Dyslexia, students to complete theirDyspraxia, ASD, ADD/courses successfully. AllADHD and mentalstudents will take part inhealth needs.an initial screening process and will complete a learning support questionnaire. This is to help us to identifyDISADVANTAGED everybody who might benetSTUDENTS AND from extra support. FurtherTHOSE WITH SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND/in-depth assessment may beOR DISABILITIES (SEND) carried out, if necessary, toRECEIVE USEFUL SUPPORT identify exact needs. StudentsBOTH WITHIN CLASS AND FROM SPECIALIST are encouraged to make useSUPPORT TEACHERS.of the support oered and to OFSTEDtalk to us about any concernsDECEMBER 2019they may have.18 WWW.GODALMING.AC.UK'