b'WELCOME TOWELCOME FROM THE GODALMING COLLEGE STUDENTS UNIONI am delighted that youGodalming College would like to nd outhas an incredible more about Godalmingatmosphere where College. We are veryeveryone is treated proud of our College,as an individual. I not only because ofam proud to lead our proven track recordthe Students Union, of excellent results butwhich facilitates because of our strong sense of community, witheach individuals right to be personally teachers and students working in partnershipresponsible for choosing how they engage to enable your success.Following a visit fromwith the teaching or extra-curricular Ofsted in December 2019, the whole Godalmingresources and facilities, which we have in College community was extremely proud ofabundance. I invite you to come along to the fact that our provision was, once again,the many and varied clubs and societies conrmed as Outstanding. we have on oer and if we dont yet have a club that represents your particular interest, As specialists in sixth form education,come and talk to us about creating a new we pride ourselves on the wide range ofone! The College is a community and each course choices we oer, both academic andindividual student will choose to spend their vocational. This enables us to provide you withtime dierently. Our duty as a Students an individualised study programme to suitUnion is to make sure that we represent all your needs, abilities and interests. As well asstudents by listening to concerns, raising achieving qualications, the College providesawareness where necessary and being your you with the opportunity to get involved invoice to the College leadership to ensure an extensive range of enrichment activities.you have the best experience possible at The campus and specialist facilities to supportthe College. The Students Union is most your learning are also rst class. Above all weeective when students engage with us, guarantee a vibrant and inspiring experience,feel free to reach out if you need us.with a strong emphasis on learning not only to ensure you achieve your potential but also toDOM FERRIS ensure you understand how to become morePRESIDENT OF THE eective at the process of learning. The CollegeSTUDENTS UNIONprovides an excellent stepping stone between school and university or employment.I look forward to welcoming you to the College.EMMA YOUNG PRINCIPAL3'