b') LEVEL 3 URSES (CO DVANCED ACOMPUTER SCIENCEDANCEA LevelBTEC National Equivalent to one A LevelComputer Science underpins the technology thatThis vocational qualication oers a practical is now prevalent in almost every area of our lives. approach, and you will be challenged to work to The A Level course will develop an understandingprofessional standards of creative collaboration. You of how these technologies work and the underlyingwill develop the knowledge and skills required to theory.Programming is a large part of the coursechoreograph and perform solo and group dances and students will develop a high level of prociencythrough practical technique classes, observation, in at least one programming language and be ableanalysis and evaluation. Anatomy and physiology to develop solutions to complex problems.are linked with the dancer in action. You will be encouraged to nd your own unique artistic voice as At least two other languages will also be introduced,a dancer.giving students a strong foundation for further progression. Theory work covers Data Structure,You will have opportunities to work with visiting Networking, Databases, Big Data, Software andprofessionals in workshops and to see live dance Hardware. Wherever possible, learning is facilitatedperformances. We are a department of collaboration, through practical investigation. creation and innovation and, as a Dance student, you will be involved in the lively artistic life of the College ASSESSMENT as a ClassAction practitioner.There will be an on-screen and a written examination each worth 40%, designed to test yourStudents from this course have been successful in practical programming, problem solving skills andprogressing to RADA, Urdang, Bristol Old Vic, Royal understanding of the theory topics. In addition, theCentral School of Speech and Drama, Lamda, GSA, full A Level contains an individual project worth 20%East 15, Drama Centre, Mountview, Arts Ed, Birds, of the assessment. Performers, LABAN, The Place.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS ASSESSMENTA minimum of grade 5 in GCSE Maths (grade 6There will be a combination of internally assessed is recommended) and grade 4 in GCSE Englishprojects and assignments, together with externally Language. You are also recommended to take examined units.A Level Maths or Core Maths alongsideComputer Science. ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 4 in English Language plus GCSE Danceor equivalent contemporary dance experience/physical skills.IN SP I R E D TH I N K I N G34 WWW.GODALMING.AC.UK'