b') LEVEL 3 URSES (CO DVANCED ADRAMA AND THEATREECONOMICSA LevelA LevelOur ethos is really important to us; were hereThis course is divided into microeconomics and as artists and practitioners to encourage yourmacroeconomics, both of which involve debate on development, understanding and appreciationareas of current aairs.of theatre and drama as powerful tools in the examination of human interaction, and to helpMicroeconomics looks at problems as they aect you respond in a personal and creative way.individuals and companies. What do we spend our We oer a unique programme with rst classmoney on? Should we have a National Minimum performance preparation training underpinned byWage? Why are nurses and teachers so poorly paid? academic rigour and depth of reection. You willWhy is Mo Salah paid so well? What can be done to be challenged to work to professional standards ofreduce carbon emissions? What should be the role creative collaboration, and to analyse and evaluateof the state in a mixed economy?performances, published texts and your own practice, whilst also developing your understandingMacroeconomics looks at the big economic issues of the social and historical context of drama andfacing the Government. How can we reduce high theatre. You will study a range of key theatricallevels of unemployment? How much of a problem practitioners and apply their theories to your ownis Government borrowing? What is the best role practical work whilst honing your performance skillsfor the Bank of England? What is the future of the and advancing your craft. Regular theatre visitsEurozone? What are the benets and drawbacks of are a vital part of this course. We are a departmentbeing in trade agreements? What can we do to take of collaboration, creation and innovation andadvantage of the growing Chinese economy?as a drama student you will be involved in theHow concerned should we be about deation?lively artistic life of the College as a ClassActionWhat role should Government play in regulating practitioner.nancial markets?Students from this course have successfullyASSESSMENTprogressed to RADA, Bristol Old Vic, Royal Central100% exams.School of Speech and Drama, Lamda, GSA, East 15, Drama Centre, Mountview, Arts Ed, Birds,ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSPerformers, LABAN, The Place, Urdang. Grade 4 in English Language and a Grade 5 in Maths.ASSESSMENTThis will consist of examined performance/practical work, both group work and monologue and duologue work, externally assessed coursework and a nal external examination based on set text work and a live theatre review.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 4 in GCSE English Language and Drama with experience of performance and/or production. You need a genuine interest in performance/theatre and to be prepared to work practically at all times.36 WWW.GODALMING.AC.UK'