b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)S G OLN E FA LCOChoosing to take drama was theBeing a part of ClassActionSTUDYINGbest decision I could have made.has provided so manyDrama and TheatreIt has prepared me for furtherextracurricular opportunities toA Level, Performing Arts training within the arts andhelp further our development asBTEC, Business Studiesbeing able to work alongsideperformers and I couldnt haveA Level plus Arts Award creative minds with the sameasked for a better experience. and ClassAction.passion and determination has been inspiring. This couldnt have been achieved without theWHATS NEXT? amazing teachers guiding usDrama school.through our training; the level of dedication and commitment from them is what drives the department and the success of the work that we create. 37'