b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)ENGLISHENGLISHENGLISH LANGUAGELANGUAGE ANDLITERATURE LITERATUREA LevelA Level A LevelHow do we learn to talk? HowWhat makes us human? has the English LanguageHow do we tell stories? WhatHow can poetry capture the changed over time? Howhappens when we break theprocess of growing up, or the does language represent therules of English? How are thevalues that underpin modern world around us? These andshifting values of modernculture? How did attitudes to many other questions will beBritain captured in modernrace and gender in the time addressed on this fascinatingdrama? These and otherof Shakespeare aect the way course which oers somethingquestions will be key on thishe presented the downfall of a quite dierent from GCSEcourse, as you learn how totragic hero? These are the kinds English study. You will becomeapply a stylistic approach toof ideas you will discuss as you a linguist, able to analyse adrama, prose ction and poetrytake on the work of a variety wide range of spoken andas well as non-literary texts (egof great poets, novelists and written texts. You will producetranscripts of conversations),playwrights and develop your pieces of journalistic writingexamining patterns ofown voice as a literary critic. about language, study subtlevocabulary and grammar. You will study dystopian and forms of bias in media textsThere are opportunities forgothic ction, cutting-edge and explore how power, genderoriginal writing, includingmodern poetry, critical essays and technology interact withproducing the opening of aon Shakespeare and much language in dierent contexts. story using a modern novel asmore besides. You will also have In the second year you willa style model, and writing athe chance to see at least one conduct an independentpiece of non-ction (such as aof your texts performed live language investigation andnewspaper column or a piece ofduring your course.produce an accompanyingsatire). You will also produce a academic poster. comparative essay on two texts,ASSESSMENTone of which will be non-ction. 80% exams and 20% an ASSESSMENT extended comparative essay on 80% exams and 20%ASSESSMENT two texts of your choice.coursework. 80% exams and 20% coursework. ADDITIONAL ENTRY ADDITIONAL ENTRYREQUIREMENTSREQUIREMENTS ADDITIONAL ENTRYGrade 5 in GCSE English Grade 5 in GCSE EnglishREQUIREMENTS Literature and English Language and EnglishGrade 5 in GCSE EnglishLanguage (if taken).Literature (if taken). Language and GCSE English Literature (if taken).FOLLOW GODALMING COLLEGE ON INSTAGRAMwww.instagram.com/godalmingcollege39'