b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)FRENCHGEOGRAPHYGERMANA LevelA LevelA LevelA Level French is a fascinatingThe course follows unitsThe course will build on your mix of culture, society andin Human and Physicalexisting GCSE knowledge language learning and buildsGeography. Topics oered willof German with all the skills, on the skills, vocabulary andinclude a combination of thevocabulary and structures structures you have learnt following: Global Systems andyou have already learned. at GCSE. Global Governance, ChangingYou will be taught by a native Places, Contemporary Urbanspeaker and additionally you The course aims to enableEnvironments for Humanwill have weekly sessions with you to discuss and writeGeography and Coastala Foreign Language Assistant. about a range of issues fromSystems and Landscapes,Opportunities to take part culture (heritage, music, etc.)Hazards, Water and Carbonin a residential trip and work right through to social issuesCycles for Physical Geography.experience are also available.(immigration, right to vote, etc). During your studies you You will have the opportunitywill develop key skill areasOn this course you will acquire to speak French in smallincluding literacy skills througha much better understanding conversation groups once aessay writing, numeracy skillsof grammatical structures, your week and an opportunity tothrough data presentation,active and passive vocabulary take part in a week of workinterpretation and analysis,will increase rapidly, and you experience in the second year. and statistical calculations andwill be expected to express your In your rst year you will learnICT skills through the researchown ideas and opinions in both about the French speakingand presentation of data in thewritten and spoken German.world, looking at artistic cultureIndependent Investigation. You and its impact on pop culture,will be required to carry out 4The topics you will study arecinema and tourism. You willdays of compulsory eldworkAspects of German-speaking also cover the recent changes inwith associated costs. Thesociety (Family, The Digital family structure or the place ofeldwork will consist of dayWorld, Youth Culture)voluntary work, and study a lm. trips and/or a residential trip.Artistic Culture in theThe eldwork will contribute toGerman-speaking world In your second year you willyour skills development, relate(Festivals and Traditions, Art develop un oeil critique ondirectly to the content you areand Architecture, Cultural Life some more complex issuesstudying and prepare you forin Berlin - present and past)including multiculturalismthe Independent Investigation. and the prison system in theA lmFrancophonie. The study ofASSESSMENT Multiculturalism in German-a book and an independent80% exams and 20%speaking society (Immigration, research project, which willindependent investigation.Integration, Racism)be assessed in the speakingThe independent investigationAspects of political life in component, will complete must include data collectedthe German-speaking world your course. in the eld and will be based(Germany and The EU, on a question or issue denedPolitics and Young People, ASSESSMENT and developed by the student,The Reunication)Listening, reading and writingrelating to any part of theAn independent research papers and oral exams. specication content. projectADDITIONAL ENTRYADDITIONAL ENTRYA bookREQUIREMENTS REQUIREMENTS ASSESSMENTGrade 6 in French or equivalentGrade 4 in GCSE English, MathsListening, reading and writing qualication. and a Science plus grade 4 inpapers and oral exams.GCSE Geography if taken.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 6 in German or equivalent qualication.43'