b') LEVEL 3 URSES (CO DVANCED AHEALTH AND SOCIAL CAREHISTORY: ANCIENT BTEC NationalA LevelEquivalent to one A LevelAncient History is an exciting opportunity to study aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds Health and Social Care is an interesting andand to gain an understanding of how they have rewarding area of employment. The BTEC Nationalshaped our modern lives. Students will understand course in Health and Social Care provides studentsthese societies by investigating the sources with the knowledge, understanding and skillsthey left behind, whether in the form of writing, relevant to a range of careers in Health Care andliterature or art and design. Ancient History also Social Care. Case studies and input from visitingteaches students to use their knowledge to test and speakers form an important part of the course,challenge the ways in which the classical past has giving students an opportunity to understand whatbeen interpreted by historians.is being studied in relation to real care settings. The three mandatory units covered are: Human LifespanIn the rst year, students will study two topics: Development, Working in Health and Social Care,The relations between Greek and non-Greek states Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs, plusbetween 492 and 404 BC, and the Julio-Claudian one further optional unit. Emperors 31 BC to AD 68. In the second year, the course focuses on the Politics and Culture of Athens ASSESSMENT c.460-399 BC along with Ruling Roman Britain,There will be a combination of internally assessedAD 43 to c.128.projects and assignments together with externally examined units (roughly 60% exam and 40%Ancient History is part of the History and Politics coursework). Grades of Pass, Merit, Distinction ordepartment which is one of the largest departments Distinction* are awarded which are equivalent to in the College. Students are encouraged to extend A Levels for the purpose of university entrance. their understanding beyond the classroom, and this is supported by visits and trips within the UK and ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS abroad. External speakers and lecturers also visit the Grade 4 in GCSE English Language, Maths anddepartment to deepen students understanding.Science.ASSESSMENT100% exams.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 4 in GCSE English Language, plus grade 4 in History if taken; newcomers to the subject are welcomed.SEE GODALMING COLLEGE IN ACTIONVisit the Godalming CollegeYoutube Channel www.youtube.com/user/GodalmingCollege44 WWW.GODALMING.AC.UK'