b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)HISTORY OF ARTHOSPITALITY AND EVENT MANAGEMENT A Level BTEC National Equivalent to one A LevelThe History of Art specication is an exciting, modern, relevant course which will interest all thoseThis course investigates the ever-expanding and who have an interest in our culture and that of otherdiverse hospitality industry. As well as focusing on eras and peoples. The course has been designedthe hotel and catering sectors, we also concentrate to oer students the opportunity to explore theon events management, which combines many Art and Architecture of the world across dierentaspects of hospitality. We provide you with the Themes and Periods. opportunity to not only learn about this exciting All students will learn the vocabulary and skillsand thriving industry, but also to organise your of formal analysis across painting, sculpture andown events. You will study units such as, The architecture. This visual literacy is combined withHospitality Industry, Providing Customer Service analysis and debate to oer valuable learning andin Hospitality (which includes representing the key transferable skills for todays visual world. YouCollege at a number of events), Events Organisation will develop the ability to explore and respond to and Planning and Managing an Event. You will art works and to understand how and why theyalso complete an industry-related project on were created. an area of your choice. Dierent aspects of the industry are explored by visiting organisations and The principal aim of the course is to allow studentsinviting speakers into College. The course oers to develop their own critical judgement and becomeopportunities for students to be innovative and well versed in the history of both art (includingto develop their interpersonal and research skills. architecture) and artists. History of Art is oered byThese transferable skills will help career choices in a wide range of excellent universities. It is a highlyeither higher education or employment.relevant insight into humanity, philosophy and theASSESSMENTmaking of art which creates a versatile and positiveYou will be assessed through a series ofoutlook and basis for our rapidly changing world.coursework assignments which include written ASSESSMENT reports, presentations, group tasks and practical 100% exams. skills observations. There are no written exams for this course.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 4 or above in GCSE English LanguageGrade 4 or above in GCSE English Language.and one other Humanities subject. No previous knowledge of Art History is required. Students who wish to study this course do not have to have any practical artistic skills as it is based on written research and direct observation.FURTHER COURSE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND ATwww.godalming.ac.uk/courses47'