b') LEVEL 3 URSES (CO DVANCED ALAW MATHEMATICS A LevelA LevelThrough the study of Law you will discover the vitalOn this course you will study Pure Maths, Statistics role it plays in our society. During the rst year youand Mechanics. The Pure Maths extends the GCSE are introduced to how the English Legal Systemwork on algebra, co-ordinate geometry, vectors and works. You will look at how laws are made, ndtrigonometry, and also introduces exponential and out what inuences law making and consider howlogarithmic functions and calculus. Mechanics and judges develop and interpret laws. You will alsoStatistics both involve the modelling of real world learn about the theories and application of Criminalsituations; Mechanics relating to the physical world and Tort Law, looking particularly at non-fataland Statistics to the presentation and handling of oences, such as wounding and grievous bodilydata.While many of our students progress to a harm. For Tort Law you will examine the principlesuniversity course with a mathematical component, surrounding liability in negligence for injury toall Maths students develop key transferable skills people and damage to property. such as problem solving and logical thinking.Students will be encouraged to take part in extra-In the second year you will look into more aspectscurricular Maths challenges each year, from which of Criminal and Tort Law, such as the fatal oenceshigh achieving students can progress to the British of murder and manslaughter, and property oencesMathematical Olympiad.such as theft and robbery as well as defences such as intoxication and duress. The course also includesASSESSMENTthe rules of Contract Law and concept topics such100% examinations.as Law and Justice, and Law and Morality.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSFollowing this course you will develop the valuableGrade 6 in GCSE Maths, although grade 7 is strongly skills of critical thinking and problem analysisrecommended.and solving. These transferable skills will sit well alongside any of your other choices and can enhance your success across all your studies.ASSESSMENT100% exams. FOLLOW GODALMING COLLEGE ON ADDITIONALENTRY REQUIREMENTS FACEBOOKGrade 4 in GCSE English Language.www.facebook.com/ godalmingcollegeLO G I C A L TH I N K I N G50 WWW.GODALMING.AC.UK'