b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)M IL LI E W INDS OR - L E W I SGodalming has been amazingperformances. Going aroundSTUDYINGas its allowed me to focusthe production studios ofMaths, Physics and Music on academic subjects whilstAbbey Road was incredibleA Levels plus Music also having the exibilityto get a hands-on view of theTechnology AS.to progress forward withindustry and also being able my music. The performingto experience trips to places opportunities both in andlike the Royal Opera HouseWHATS NEXT? outside of the College oeredhas enriched my breadth ofBA (Hons) Music and by the Music Department haveknowledge, as well as being fun!Popular Music at the especially helped. Singing inUniversity of Liverpool.Jazz Band has pushed me into genres I wouldnt have explored on my own as well as being encouraged to create my own arrangements for solo 55'