b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)G E OR G E BA RN D E NSince joining Godalming Collegedecisions whilst performingSTUDYINGand in particular ClassAction,but also in life itself; giving mePerforming Arts Diploma I have really understood thethe attitudethat he who dares(2 A Level equivalent) and subject of Drama and the craftwins. Since joining I have beenDrama A Level.of acting to a much deeperinvolved in many productions level. Through the high- and exam pieces; my two quality lessons and constanthighlights were playing BillyWHATS NEXT? additional support such as keyFlynn in our December 2019Looking to go to drama drama school audition adviceextra-curricular production ofschool.and Q and As with industryChicago and my A Level second professionals I have been ableyear group piece of Steven to learn knowledge that is vitalBerkos East.and develop skills I never knew I had. ClassAction has helped me to back myself in making risky 59'