b') LEVEL 3 URSES (CO DVANCED APHYSICSPOLITICSA LevelA LevelIn the rst year you will extend your study of aPolitics is a fast paced, rapidly changing subject number of familiar topics from GCSE Science, suchto study. Many students nd the opportunity as mechanics, electricity and waves. The course alsoto investigate the historical and conceptual includes some exciting new topics in quantum andbackground to political events intellectually particle physics. An extended practical session eachstimulating. For those who love the cut and thrust week will reinforce your learning and develop yourof debate and getting to grips with events as experimental skills. they unfold, this subject is for you. It will give you the opportunity to investigate the great political In the second year you will study further mechanicsissues of the day and provide you with plenty of topics, the properties of electric, magnetic andopportunity to inform and express your views on gravitational elds, and nuclear and thermal physics.those events. It will certainly sharpen the analytical You will also study one option topic of your choiceedge of your thoughts.from Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning Points in Physics and Electronics. In the rst year of the course you will study two units: UK Politicsexamining the interaction ASSESSMENT of people with the political system, and UK 100% exams plus a practical endorsement. Governmentthe structure and workings of the political system. In addition to these units, students ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTS will also study a range of ideologies including Grade 6 in two GCSE Sciences (double award or conservatism, socialism, liberalism and feminism. In two separate sciences) and Grade 6 in GCSE Maths.the second year students will choose to study a unit You are also strongly advised to choose A Levelon either US Politics or Global Politics.Maths to support your study of Physics.Learning on this course is enriched by a number of visiting speakers and visits to Westminster, The Supreme Court and a residential trip to New York.ASSESSMENT100% exams.ADDITIONAL ENTRY REQUIREMENTSGrade 4 in GCSE English Language.FOLLOW GODALMING COLLEGE ON FACEBOOKwww.facebook.com/ godalmingcollege62 WWW.GODALMING.AC.UK'