b'ADVANCEDCO URSES ( LEVEL 3)DA N I A L Z A MA NStudying Politics at Godalmingme was when a Peer from theSTUDYINGCollege has been a fascinatingHouse of Lords oered a groupPolitics, Economics and experience that has made meof students a personal tour ofSpanish A Levels.want to continue studyingParliament and even dinner it at university. I was mostin the Lords canteen. I look surprised by the emphasisforward to building on the skillsWHATS NEXT? teachers put on class debatethat I have learnt at CollegePolitics and Spanish at and ensuring students formwhen I go to university. Bristol University.their own opinions on a range of issues. This has given me the condence to be able to express my own opinions (and be able to back them up!) The College oers a variety of trips, but the one that stands out for 63'